Training and Equipping in Kenya and Nepal

In December 2017, Karen Pack and I travelled to Nairobi and then to Kisii to conduct the third year of the Leader of Leaders (LOL) course (Nairobi) and the Train the Trainer course (Kisii). It was a great time spent training and encouraging leaders within Christ’s church in Kenya. In Nairobi, more than 160 attended the LOL training, and we were able to graduate more than 100 who had completed the whole three years of the course. In Kisii, Karen was able to train and commission twenty-seven men and women to take the LOL course to their local ministry areas. We are multiplying the number who can train and equip others in Kenya!

In early February 2018, I travelled to Pokhara to commence our training of emerging leaders in Nepal. Forty-two young men and women gathered for the training, some travelling upwards of nineteen hours by bus to attend. These are hardy and faithful young leaders! All who attended greatly appreciated our first year of training and are eagerly awaiting the second installment. A big thank you to Pastor LB Chaudhary, our in-country partner, for the vision and passion to bring the LOL training to Nepal.

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