Peter van der Westhuyzen (rear of photograph)

How to train 7.5 million children’s ministry workers worldwide

PLAN: Involve as many kids’ ministries as possible in the global vision called 1for50 – to train one worker for every 50 kids on the planet. Work together strategically so as not to overlap in countries, denominations, or districts. Recruit 30 global initiators to inspire, initiate, and implement core training in every nation of the world. Then, over time, each global initiator will recruit, train, and mentor 100 trainers of trainers. Each of them will then train 50 grassroots trainers on the job, who will each teach 50 adults how to minister to kids. Result: 7.5 million kids’ ministry workers! 7.5 million equals two people from every church in the world today. We want to see every child reached for Christ through an army of trained kids workers!

PRAY: The neat mathematics only helps give an overall guiding structure. Many hurdles still exist: so many languages; differing world views about the importance of children; money for materials; and large areas of the world where persecution of the church is common – just to name a few! We need prayer, as well as a greater degree of unity among all ministries and denominations. There are wonderful signs of this happening as the 1for50 network has begun to work in harmony. Many childrens’ ministries have joined the effort and 30 countries have made a start in some way.

PARTICIPATE: World Outreach International (WOI) has bought into the vision and has already initiated through our Generation Ministries teams 1for50 training seminars in Nagaland, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Other countries will follow in 2012. WOI personnel will be in the forefront of the second generation training in many countries. Second generation training has already taken place in Myanmar and N-E India. It’s exciting to be contributing to a unified vision that is beginning to impact the world of kids’ ministry in a new way.

At least half of the students Peter van der Westhuyzen and Menuo Keditsu have had in recent seminars were capable of training others. In Myanmar, eight people said they will be using the material as they train students in various Bible schools. In Cambodia, about 20 Non Government Organisations (NGO) type organisations were represented as well as a number of denominations. We are meeting core needs, as the following statements testify:

“I have been to a few training seminars for kids’ ministry, which are all basically the same. But this one had many new topics, illustrations, and teaching methods.”
“I have learnt how to prepare a lesson properly and make sure my own life is in line with what I teach.”
“I learnt how important it is to relate well to the kids and build relationships.”
“I have many years experience teaching kids, but have received many new ideas.”
“This was an answer to my prayers, to learn how to reach out and disciple kids in my community.”
“The practical session on training others has given me confidence to do that.”

This all adds to the current training that Generation Ministries (over 1500 kids workers trained in the last nine months in five countries) and other WOI ministries are conducting.

The 1for50 Vision is like a stone that has been thrown into the pond of the world’s 2.2 billion kids. This stone needs your prayers and support to maintain its momentum.

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