Abe de Fin with 30 graduating Bible school students in South Sudan

A time to wash feet

A RECENT VISIT to South Sudan was both challenging and eye-opening. Going from the capital to the remote villages is like moving through a time warp. Clean water, electricity and roads become nonexistent; yet in these villages I found modern day apostles I shall never forget. Men and women who have suffered severe persecution.

Bashir is one such person, who had been arrested for holding Bible studies and starting home cells in Khartoum. He was beaten for 30 days. Men were shot in his presence and he despaired for his life, wishing he could die rather than endure the pain.
Finally, the Khartoum regime banished him to South Sudan, where he now stands in the marketplace daily calling people to Christ. I asked him, “Is there something I can give you?”

He answered, “I need nothing else save Jesus; however, you can bring teaching, training, development projects and skills training for the people.”

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