A house church meeting. BELOW: Nim and the family cow that was healed of a broken leg!

Time for rejoicing

NIM’S FAMILY HAS RECENTLY made Jesus the centre of their lives. When their prized cow broke its leg, Nim prayed that God would heal it. The cow got up and walked. Another day, Nim prayed that their pig would sell for a better price at the market and it did.

New believer Khien developed an abscess on her groin. After her operation she was in so much pain that she called on Jesus to heal her. The pain stopped and she fell asleep. When she woke, the wound was completely healed.

Miracles like these are happening in the everyday lives of ordinary Thais. There are no big ministry leaders involved. People are simply hearing the Word, asking Jesus into their lives and believing He is Lord of everything.

Our team travels to Nim’s and Khien’s villages. In their area alone, 15 families have accepted Christ; another 35 families are on the verge of doing the same. Thais are sharing the Gospel with other Thais. There are new believers every day. It is like the Book of Acts.

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