Third International Kairos Conference

The wait is over, the conference has ended and Simply Mobilising is now a movement involving scores of countries and language groups all around the world.
The third Kairos International Conference held recently in Chiang Mai, Thailand saw 415 participants from 54 countries gather together to launch the Simply Mobilising movement!

Simply Mobilising is the outgrowth of our mobilising journey with the Kairos course that has evolved over more than 20 years from a course to a movement dedicated to the mobilisation of all God’s people into meaningful involvement in the world Christian movement.

A sampling of highlights mentioned by participants:

A wonderful balance of information and inspiration.

Being with such a huge and culturally diverse bunch of people with the same heart!
The encouragement and validation of a life lived mobilising – I feel so affirmed in my calling!

Meeting and fellowshipping with the global Simply Mobilising family was simply amazing.

Receiving teaching on the dynamic nature of the Church and the incredible role of mobilising!

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