Third Culture Kids Realising Their Potential

“The world is a book. Those who do not travel have only read one page.” –Saint Augustine

MANY THIRD CULTURE KIDS (TCKs), many of whom are now adults, have shared about their moments of revelation, when they realised the potential in their upbringing. They remember the day it all clicked and they understood that their experience growing up in a foreign land was an asset, not a liability.

With the popular advent of Facebook and Twitter, TCKs are finding their identity with other TCKs online through social media. An English adult TCK recently shared about her experience attending an American School in Lebanon:

Shortly after I got home, one of my newly found friends posted on Facebook about TCKs. I’d never come across the term before and was astounded to discover that many of my quirks were common to TCKs. My life is transformed.

Some TCKs struggle with the fact that they don’t identify with either their passport country or their country of upbringing. When they do comprehend their unique skillset, they become conscious of their abilities. Feeling at home in a foreign country takes years for some to become accustomed to. TCKs understand the visa restrictions for certain countries and the cultural taboos that are to be avoided.

85 per cent of TCKs speak two or more languages
47 per cent of TCKs speak three or more languages
60 per cent of TCKs want to raise their own kids as TCKs
54 per cent of TCKs fly at least four times a year*

Another TCK recalls:

After experiencing so much of the world, you can’t just ignore it and pretend there’s nothing going on. I’ve always had an adventurous streak. I love to learn and experience new things. It’s a driving force to my life.

My heart to see TCKs involved in the Great Commission is fuelled again by stories such as these.


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