The Vision Coming to Pass

When Sam first received the vision of Mt Hope in 1997, besides seeing buildings and gardens, he saw fish ponds with plants! At the time he didn’t understand why the plants were connected to the fish ponds. It has taken a few years of trials and mistakes, but we now have a fish farm and aquaponics – vegetables that grow from filtered fish water. The fish and vegetables are primarily for the children and staff but later we hope it will also bring in an income for Mt Hope.
A number of children who came to Mt Hope in the early days are now teaching the next generation in our schools. They are an example of how a Christian should live. Reki and Regina were both Mt Hope children. After high school, Regina did two years Bible training at Tawangmangu. Reki did four years computer study. They met God here at Mt Hope and are both now teaching and training in the Mt Hope school. Regina has nearly completed her teacher training.
Truly we can see God’s leading and guidance in this Mt Hope project! Thank you Lord.

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