The Reality of God

An incredible faith journey started last year with our son Michael’s hospitalisation and the spiritual battle we had to fight while he was in ICU. After that, God began to show us things about the topic of faith for finances, and what it meant to put our trust in God as provider and not trust in the wealth of this world. God started to open our eyes to a reality far greater than the physical realities dominated by our five senses, the reality where God’s Word is the creating power of things not yet seen. Through faith in God, these realities become visible in the physical world. We’re still in our baby shoes regarding this journey, but I believe the more revelation God is giving through His Word, and the more we obey and act on this revelation in faith, the more we will grow into this unseen reality. When and where God is operating according to His Word, we will become a living testimony of the reality of God and the power of His Word. Pray for us to persevere on this journey. Sometimes the things God reveals to us demand perseverance so our faith can grow muscles.

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