The Magnificent Seven

Although an old cowboy movie, The Magnificent Seven was the name that came to mind when thinking about the seven Baan Faa Mai teenagers who decided to follow Jesus recently.
Jore comes from an animist/Buddhist family. She knew nothing about Jesus before coming to BFM Home four years ago. She started to believe a while ago, but recently decided that Jesus is the only One who can save us, and knows that she will be with Him forever. Her parents don’t have a problem with her decision. She says, ‘The biggest miracle in my life is that God knows me, and made Himself known to me. He answers my prayers. When I prayed for my high school studies, or when my Mum was ill, Jesus answered my prayers.’
Nut is also from an animist/Buddhist family. He lived at BFM for two and a half years, but left last year because he wanted more ‘freedom’; however, he got involved with alcohol and fighting. At the start of this school year, our prodigal student desperately asked if he could come back. Somewhat hesitantly we agreed. Prior to living at BFM, Nut had heard a little about Jesus, but after hearing the Gospel clearly at BFM, he slowly started to believe and pray. Once he was feeling quite unwell and had Buddhist ceremonies to try to cure him, but nothing changed until a former BFM assistant encouraged and prayed for him, and he got better. Nut asked God to help him become a student army cadet, and after being accepted, he decided to follow Jesus, who is changing him. He confidently says that when he prays, God answers him. Now his mother thinks she will become a Christian too.

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