The Joy of Growing Mature Believers

In the Christian life one of the greatest joys we can experience occurs when the pupils overtake the teacher, surpassing us. We disciple, pouring out our lives into those we serve, until they literally “are doing the stuff”. Recently we were really blessed when we took a hike into one of the more remote areas outside of Quelimane. One of Tina’s daughters, Francisca, asked us to oversee a small outreach to a local family steeped in animism, who were thinking about dedicating their newborn child to the local witch doctor. The Gospel was shared, new lives came into His Kingdom, and the baby was dedicated to Jesus – not to demons! The accompanying photo is of Francisca praying for the family. We simply stand in the background, watching this beautiful woman of God, who has grown to such great maturity in the span of a just few short years. When Tina first met Francisca, she was illiterate. Today she reads her Bible every day and shares her faith, and the Lord adds to the number of those who are being saved. Praise His name!

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