The Hope House


The Hope House is a project of Jeevaratchanai. Jeevaratchanai is a registered children’s home under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2015.

Our mission at The Hope House is to create and ensure a safe, nurturing, and family environment for destitute, abandoned and orphaned vulnerable little children presently aged between 5+ to 18 years which will fulfill the vision of offering them a hope and a future. In our home, they will be loved, valued and empowered through quality care and education.

Our goal at The Hope House is to excel in holistic childcare and ensure optimum care is provided for all children by meeting their physical and emotional needs.

Our vision is for The Hope House to become a reputable home and excel in childcare.

Furthermore, we are committed to their care until they have completed their high school studies and either further education or vocational training. The child will have a home with us until they are able to fully support themselves in their chosen field.





How can you help?

Make a donation to The Hope House.

Your donation will allow The Hope House to impact more children.

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