The Gospel within Thai Culture

We have a dream that thousands of Thai Buddhists will understand and respond to the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. But their mistaken belief that in order to follow Jesus they must reject everything that makes them Thai is a huge barrier. Our mission is to discover how Jesus and the Gospel message can be clearly understood within Thai culture. 

Recently, God showed us that the Sart festival, one of the most important Thai events, actually points to Jesus! “Sart” means “first fruits” or “harvest”. In this festival people wear white clothes and put a banana tree in the middle of a big basket. The banana tree symbolises the one who is to come, who will bring healing. So when we also dress in white and do this ceremony while telling them that Jesus is the healer, and also the first fruits, they are very responsive. We now have groups of Thai believers in several villages who are devoted followers of Jesus without rejecting their Thai identity. 


  • W Avena
    6th April 2021

    Thank you for sharing!

  • S Avena
    6th April 2021

    Thank you for sharing this valuable info! God bless your ministry.

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