Kev and Glenys

Thank you, Kev and Glenys!

WE HAVE JUST FINISHED our 11th Nations course. Once again I was reminded of what an enormous debt we owe Kevin and Glenys Hovey for making the World Harvest Institute material available to World Outreach International.

Kev and Glenys drew on their 31 years of mission experience to put together the course, which has prepared hundreds of new missionaries for effective cross-cultural service. How generous they were to let WOI use WHI as a basis for the Nations course!
Our students say “everyone should do this course”. Yes, everyone! Not just new missionaries. Stanley, senior pastor of a large church, said:

I wanted to do the Nations course for several reasons but I underestimated what God would do in me personally. I didn’t expect how much the course would challenge my cultural assumptions and my personal goals. I recommend the Nations course to anyone.

What an awesome legacy we have received from Kev and Glenys. We honour you for your generosity in making such a great course available.

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