Noinon from the Good News Team, shares the story of Jesus

Thai children find the truth

GOOD NEWS TEAM members love going to Thai schools to introduce children to Jesus and then hearing from children in those schools. Such as 12-year-old Chartsarudt who said, “When you came to my school everything you said was new to me, but somehow I knew it was the truth”. 11-year-old Areeya said, “Please come again to my school. I loved the puppets, and how do I feel now? The happiest ever because now I know I’m special to God”. Kidtichai said, “After you came to my school I decided to do your lessons. They made me know that Jesus is the incredible God. At camp my friends and I gave our whole lives to Jesus”.

Please pray for Thailand’s young people. For many it can be a long and challenging journey from a background of darkness and fear into the light and love of Jesus.

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