Testimony from the field | Working with UPGs

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received these encouraging testimonies from some of our faithful frontline workers. We pray they encourage you too!

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”One of our MPs from East Africa is working with an unreached community.

Recently, the people have been coming to him and his wife seeking deliverance from demonic spirits. The people come and sit for 4 hours at a time and listen to their teaching about deliverance through Jesus Christ. Most sign up for a one-on-one prayer session where they pray deliverance prayers and lead them to salvation.

However, the spiritual world is very tangible in their context and they have faced considerable push-back. A spitting cobra came within 3 meters of him and he was only alerted by the barking of their dog who absorbed most of the venom. After he killed the snake and helped his dog, he found his laptop had stopped working (this is the second laptop that has broken down after deliverance ministry – not a coincidence!)

Thankfully, after prayer, the laptop was restored, making way for him to continue his Master’s thesis on bringing deliverance to this people group.”



” In this very difficult time on the border, God has given us the opportunity to train new believers to do evangelism.

We have also given training on the Christian life and spiritual growth for Bible School teachers, and those who work with children and education.

In 2012 God gave me a special love for the UPG group in one of the border villages. It is a hard and dangerous place due to trafficking of all kinds that takes place there. We visited there for many years with some resulting fruit.”



Praise the Lord for the faithful work being done all over the globe!

We pray you will be encouraged by these testimonies! Will you join us in praying for the unreached people around the globe?

Would you partner with us in ministering to those in need throughout this global crisis?

We’d love to have your prayer and partnership in the important work being done all over the globe

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