Testimony from the field | South-East Asia

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received these encouraging testimonies from some of our faithful frontline workers. We pray they encourages you too!

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“In one of the villages, we had an amazing breakthrough. A man who had been trained from childhood to become a witch doctor asked for prayer. In the prayer session he was delivered from evil spirits and has turned to follow our Lord. It seems like we are having more and more opportunities to build relationships with spiritual leaders who believe in the ancient animistic ways of this people group.”



“This year we had a food donation project for some places in need. We prayed and went to talk with a new village leader to ask permission to give a food donation to the 180 families that live there.

We had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the village leader, who openly listened. Then he allowed us to share the gospel when we reunited with families on the day the food was delivered. This was a miracle!

We brought people of the same ethnicity, who had been converted within our group from another area, to share their testimonies and the message in their dialect. It has been wonderful for me (after working for 9 years in the area) to see, for the first time, an entire village listening to the Good News!


We pray you will be encouraged by these testimonies! Will you join us in praying for the unreached people around the globe?

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