Testimony from the field | South-East Africa

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received this strong encouragement from one of our faithful frontline workers in South-East Africa. We pray they may encourage you too!

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”A local religious leader had always been against the Bible story Group in his village. But now he was in trouble. His wife had suffered from demonic oppression since childhood, and he had seen people in his village who once were oppressed being freed! He approached one of our followers, and asked: “Please, can you pray for my wife?” The follower answered: “We can pray for her, but first she has to attend our group for four weeks to listen to God´s Word.”

The man didn’t want to send his wife to the meetings. He asked two more followers but received the same answer. In desperation he finally sent his wife to the small group. She really loved the meeting, the Word of God taught there, and the love & fellowship.

After a while we invited her to come for prayer of deliverance. She was asked “do you have any kind of witchcraft objects?” “Our house is full of that stuff”, her husband replied. Our followers asked: “Why didn’t you bring them? We need to destroy them. Can you come back tomorrow?” He responded: “I will go home now and fetch all those objects. I want you to pray for my wife today. I am tired of all the demons.” His wife told him where the objects were hidden and he went home quickly (4km one way). When he returned, our followers asked the wife many questions. The husband encouraged his wife to tell everything and not hold back. After she repented from her sins, the demons were cast out. Although there was a little fight, the demons in the end had to leave in Jesus’ name.

The man was astonished to see the power of Jesus. “I give my wife into the hands of Jesus!” Since then, the group is growing explosively. With the religious leader’s wife now having the permission to come to the group of Jesus followers, all the other people in the village feel free to come as well.


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