Testimony from the field | Planting Seeds

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received this encouraging testimony from one of our faithful frontline workers. We pray it encourages you too!

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”There was a kind chief that put us up for the night when our canoe was swept across the bay during a storm. At the time he was open to friendship but closed to the gospel. “Here,” he said waving his hand up and down the coast, “we have a different faith.”

Recently though he has been hit with hard times; since we last saw him, he has lost two adult children and two other close family members. Thieves also recently stripped him of his life’s earnings.

The next day I sent a colleague over the bay to visit the chief and to bring him some hunger relief. It seems he has undergone a change of heart. “I think it is time we begin to learn the Christian scriptures.” he said.

Recently, the chief sent me a message saying he would like it if I personally joined what has now become a regular gathering of between 30 and 50 people. He has clearly stated, “I remain in my traditional faith, but the scriptures I hear are clearer than ours.”

Never before have I felt the need for prayer for wisdom. Here is a group of community leaders both religious and secular who are listening! This in itself is a big breakthrough.

Praise the Lord for these important seeds being planted!


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