Testimony from the field | Aiding our Neighbours

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Especially during COVID-19. 

We have received this encouraging testimony from one of our faithful frontline workers. We pray it encourages you too!

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“As a result of the pandemic, we have seen the number of homeless people in our outreach area rise.

Together with the home church we started bringing them meals and face masks. Since being homeless is just a temporary period in their lives and not their entire identity, we now call them our “neighbours”.

We have been focusing on a fixed group of people. The majority of them live together as a community under a bridge. Most of them are ashamed and will not easily open up their hearts, but we have experienced increasingly more trust as we visit them.

Not long ago, we gave one of the men a Gospel flyer. When we met with him again, he was wearing a cross around his neck and gave us a cross as well. He said, “I am a Christian. I accepted Jesus as my Lord”. In Thailand, it is common for people to wear spiritual amulets. If someone decides to wear a cross instead, this means a lot because by doing that, he distances himself from the amulet and beliefs that are related to it. God has made himself known to this man!”


We pray you will be encouraged by this testimony! Will you join us in praying for the unreached people around the globe?

Would you partner with us in ministering to those in need throughout this global crisis?

We’d love to have your prayer and partnership in the important work being done all over the globe

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