Testimony from a Church Planter

During the religious war on Ambon and other Moluccu Islands of Indonesia from 1999-2002, I, Dominggus, got involved as a teenager, fighting for the Christians. Many Ambonese people claim to be Christian, but sadly, it is in name only, and I was one of them. I took up a gun and began firing at the enemy. Many thousands of people were killed in the fighting, and one day I was shot in the leg. That scared me, and if I die, will I make it to heaven or will I be sent to hell? I knew my life was not right and realised that I would not get to heaven.

Later, when I learned I had to have my tonsils removed, this fear came again. I began talking to God and asked forgiveness for my sins. I promised him that if he healed me, I would surrender my life completely to him. The next day I was told I was healed and didn’t need the operation. I held to my vow and attended the Salvation Church, as we called them. I became quite involved in the church and evangelism. Then I received word that my best friend who had fought beside me had been killed. I realised that God had truly saved me in multiple ways!

After two years of serving God on the island of Ambon, I felt God calling me to attend Bible College at Tawangmangu. A servant of God gave a presentation on ministry in the province of Aceh. I knew then that I was to go to Aceh – the westernmost province of Indonesia. Since college, my wife Eka and I have served the Lord in Aceh, amongst one of the least-reached people groups. Praise God we were protected from the 2004 tsunami. God continues to protect and provide for us daily.


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