Lenny and Sartje are being sent out!

Tawangmangu students branch out

EACH YEAR our second and third year students do 10 weeks of practical training in various churches and in social ministries. This year we sent two young ladies, Lenny and Sartje, to help out at an Indonesian church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of the small congregations were young people who are working as maids or in factories in the region. Malaysia has a law that one cannot proselyte the Malays but Indonesians of course would not be under that law. So it’s a great opportunity to reach out to the Indonesian youth who are in Malaysia and away from their families. They are free to choose. Lenny and Sartje gave Bible studies, preached, witnessed and also visited and ministered to the very primitive Jayahi tribe of Malaysia. Praise God some of these people have received Christ into their lives. Lenny and Sartje have just begun their fourth and final year at Tawangmangu Bible College.


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