Tawangmangu Graduates Making a Difference

Didik graduated from Tawangmangu Bible College 25 years ago. Today, he runs a Senior High School free of charge for orphans and the poor. The school, called Selamat Pagi Indonesia (Good Morning Indonesia), was started in 2007 by a local businessman and mostly funded by a multi-level business and donors. At Selamat Pagi, teens are taught to live and learn according to biblical principles. Those who succeed are assured of a job after graduation.

Three orphans from Mt Hope are attending this high school. We haven’t built our high school yet, so it is such a blessing for some of our children to attend Didik’s school. Didik recently told us that Musa, who just entered his year 10 last month, is such an inspiration, that he is polite and friendly and will go a long way in life. We continue to trust God for funds and builders to build our Senior High School.

3-2015-soukotta2A number of our Tawangmangu graduates are now heading up Christian schools, including a kindergarten teacher training school that is recognised throughout the country. Even Muslim kindergarten teachers are trained here. In Indonesia a child cannot enter grade 1 without going to kindergarten for 2 years. Therefore this school is popular. Tawangmangu graduates recognise the importance of providing the younger generation with the Gospel and education.

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