Silver and his wife.

I suddenly became sober

ONE OF OUR DISCIPLES, Pastor Pederos in Mancia province, led Silver to the Lord. Silver had been a alcoholic and spent most of everyday in homes that produced local beer, where he and his friends drank and danced the day away. One day Pederos and a small group of singers came to one of the beer houses to sing Christian songs. Silver was among the listeners, and liked what he was hearing and began to sing along with them. He said, “I suddenly became sober.”

Pederos took the opportunity to share the Gospel with Silver, who then asked Christ into his heart. He immediately stopped tree worship and giving money offerings to the spirits and other witchcraft artefacts. His wife suddenly noticed the change in her husband and she too became a follower of Jesus.
Up until this time she had been unable to have children. Shortly after inviting Jesus into her life, she conceived and today has two children. Today Silver and his wife oversee churches in the Erati district of Mozambique.

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