The Tawangmangu Bible College Muppet Team.

Students present Gospel to children

THE TAWANGMANGU Bible College Muppet Team ministers to children in churches and schools. The muppet ministry gives churches an opportunity to invite unsaved children to hear the Gospel. Parents don’t see a muppet show as a religious event and if isn’t held in the church, the children are allowed to come. Often, the children will gather around whether the parents agree or not! So it is one way of getting the Gospel to the children and youth. From testimonies we have heard, it is working. There are some who now believe and are regular attendees of children’s church.

Life in the village is very different from life in the city. In the village, there is a lack of educational opportunities and parents don’t see education as a priority; therefore, village children do not get the same education as city children. We have capitalised on this and some of our students are going out on the weekends to give the village children extra classes. This allows them to connect with the children and the parents too.

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