Special Appeal

Thank you for giving so that local workers can be trained in their own language and released to spread the gospel, making disciples in their own regions.  

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To progress in our vision of reaching more unreached people groups, World Outreach urgently needs to translate our training materials into three new languages.  

A Shift
There has been a major shift in recent years in the demographic of people going onto the mission field. It used to be predominantly people from the minority (or western) world, but now the larger proportion of workers are coming from the majority (or developing) world.

Action Plan

In recognising this, WO has plans within the next 5 years to develop three major sending hubs in the strategic centres of Indonesia, India and Kenya. These ‘hubs’ are not to receive missionaries from overseas, but to train and deploy local workers to their own and other countries.

The Need

This is a major and intentional shift. Consequently, all our training materials, such as our School of Leadership, need to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi and Swahili as soon as possible.