Grant and Riana Franke


Grant and Riana Franke, Mozambique 

Literacy Projects 

Teaching people how to read and write in their mother tongue.  Religious persecution and a highly oral culture has made literacy a very long journey.   

We have been running various schools for four years and have witnessed roughly a third of the students begin to fluently read and write. Others, especially the older students remain enthusiastic but make little progress. The schools themselves have also begun to take on another role. They have become places where people meet and enjoy one another. 

Some Testimonies from our Literacy Projects: 

  •         Mama Ramadan may still only be able to confidently read “Ali” after threeyears but she reads it with pride and the whole class rejoiced when she managed two more words this year!  
  •         Nelson finished the course and has become a teacher. 
  •         Ali has become a regular Bible reader, grown in hisfaith and is now officially evangelising his community.  
  •         The schools have built trust and openness to the Gospel. In 2021, we saw 5 students baptised.
  •         We also now have a government teacher wanting to introduce our material to his classes.


Radio Ministry 

For the past seven years we have run a Christian hour a week over the government community radio. This broadcast covers all 300 km of the Nahara coastline and homeland of the Nahara people. It is the only Christian program run in Nahara over the whole area 

One of the keys to the radio’s success has been using Christian announcers from Nahara MBB who are able to make the language seeker friendly.  


Farming God’s Way/Foundations for Farming 

This project we initially started because of major hunger in the area. Low rainfall made it impossible to plant yet we see large swamp areas underutilized. So we bought a piece of swamp land and began clearing it, then the rains started in earnest! The field became a lake and everyone ran to their own fields to start planting. The water has now subsided and now a group of recent converts has reinitiated the projects. We are mixing more advanced modern methods of seed sowing and pruning with Africa knowledge of planting in wet ground, so far the progress is very promising. 


Translation-literature compilation 

Nahara has very little written material so we are contextualising the traditional Makhuwa bible for the Nahara people.  

We have edited the book of Luke, and hope to do the same with the Gospel of John, excerpts from the Old Testament, Acts and Revelation. These scriptures we hope will serve as a bridge between Nahara and the traditional Makhuwa bible. 


Hunger relief 

This program operates when there is a desperate need. Anybody in the community is eligible for aid, including the Nahara UPG as well as Kimwani, Makonde and other refugees from the northern war.  


English classes: 

A local businessman has sponsored an English school, we run classes four times a week. It is a great way to build trust and slowly the Gospel is filtering through.