Afghan Appeal

Thank you for assisting in this life-changing appeal.

If you’d like to give toward the work of HAGAR, please put ‘Hagar’ in your designation, but if you’d like to give to the refugee program, please designate ‘refugee’.

Let’s do what we can to help those in need.


Afghan Appeal

Women and girls are at risk under the new regime in Afghanistan. We have a unique and urgent opportunity to do something practical to help protect, feed, and provide medical care for the vulnerable.

World Outreach does not have personnel in Afghanistan, so we are going to partner with a like-minded, faith-based agency, HAGAR, which began in 1994 and has been working in Afghanistan since 2008. Hagar’s mission is to provide care, recovery and healing for those traumatised by human trafficking, slavery and abuse. HAGAR has 60 local Afghani staff across the country that provide shelters, distribute food and provide in-house medical care. 

At their most recent assessment, which was carried out last week, HAGAR estimates that they’ll be able to assist approximately 13,000 displaced women and children in Kabul who are most affected in this current conflict. To do so, they need to raise $700,000. World Outreach would like to partner with them at this critical time to help defenceless and exposed women and girls.

In addition, we have a local field worker in Pakistan who is presently ascertaining how World Outreach can help the refugees flooding into Pakistan from Afghanistan. This is a time-consuming and complex process, but we are seeking to have funds available so we can immediately provide food, aid and basic supplies once the need is assessed and authorisation provided.