Listening to a Bible story.

Spreading the word

So the word of the Lord was increased very greatly and was full of power. Acts 19:40

IN THE PROVINCE of Kanchanaburi more than 30 people have come to Christ in the past three months. Ms Nat led her three cousins to know Jesus. She taught them to know and experience the love of God. One of them is Ms Malee who was a spirit medium for 40 years. She had been very sickly and was suffering from many kinds of ailments: heart disease, hypertension and pain all over her body. Her backbone was twisted and her tailbone was protruding. Medication from the hospital did not help her at all. But after she came to Jesus, she was delivered from evil spirits and totally healed. Ms Malee led both her older and younger sisters to receive Jesus as their own Lord and Saviour. Nat has now started a church in a house at Kanjanaburi. Please continue to pray for Mali as she shares with her medium friends, that many more will come to follow Jesus!

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