Special Apeal: Do something different

Sponsor…a cow, a goat, a rickshaw or fish!

WORLD OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL church planters in Africa and Asia have been trained and are ready for deployment. They have caught God’s heart for the lost. Their eyes have been opened to the huge number of unreached ethnic communities who have never heard the Gospel, let alone the name of Jesus. They are willing to go, to make sacrifices, to leave their culture for another, all for the sake of obeying the call of God. They are prepared for hard times – yet they expect a harvest! So what does a cow, goat, rickshaw and fish have to do with it?

WORLD OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL exists to impact Least Reached People groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ie people who do not have viable access to hearing the Good News. Presently World Outreach teams are engaged with more than 80 such people groups. Each year we set a goal to become engaged with at least 20 more unreached ethnic people groups. Opportunities abound! Trained Goers are ready to Go!

The Challenge – is to help evangelists and church planters get started in the first one or two years so as to provide a living for their own families when they relocate to a new unreached region.

The Solution – World Outreach International has come up with a way to meet this challenge, ie.. a simple yet effective way to generate income. For example:
$350.00 / £220.00 will buy a rickshaw licence. The rickshaw becomes their evangelistic vehicle and income generator, that after a year will allow them to purchase a second rickshaw and thereby support another church planter.

$300.00 / £190.00 will buy 1,000 Fingerlings, ie. small fish, that in nine months will weigh 1kg and be ready for selling. The income will provide for both family and help replenish future stock.

$250.00 / £160.00 will buy a cow from which milk can be used and sold. When the cow produces a calf within two years, the income can double.

$65.00 / £40.00 will buy a goat from which milk can also be used and sold. On an average, three or four goats can support a family.

Often Christians in developed (western) nations don’t know how to respond practically to help in the cause of spreading the Gospel to where it desperately needs to go.

Now you know!

World Outreach International welcomes your partnership in helping cross-cultural church planters get established and provide for their families. Thank you.

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