Special Joy!

It’s such a joy to see any child hold their very first picture book, but in villages where 80% of adults are illiterate, there are not many books to be found! Most of our preschool children [aged 4-7 years] had never had the opportunity to look at a picture book. Now in the three village preschools recently opened by Maziotela Ministries, book-time is a very special joy!

Another less-expected joy has been to see the delight of the teachers we have trained being able to share their first “reading time” with children. Most of these teachers had also never held a children’s book, and had never known the joy of sitting and sharing a picture book with a child.

Maziotela Ministries has had the privilege of seeing many churches planted, but that is just the beginning! The village preschool programme is seeking to train teams of young Christians, to help these churches be an important part of development in their villages, while also enjoying many opportunities to share God’s love!

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