Spanish Kairos in Action

Nine years ago a Spanish Kairos was only a dream. In 2009 a translation team formed. After several pilot courses, and some false starts, we launched Spanish Kairos in 2013. Since then over thirteen hundred participants (more than seven hundred last year alone) have been transformed as they have done the course.

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  • Elisa Diaz
    Elisa Diaz
    9th March 2018

    to Geof and Marion Gunton
    Dear Marion and Geof,my name is Elisa Diaz and I come from Montevideo, Uruguay. I am serving with World Outreach in Thailand.I would like to know in which South America countries are you running Kairos in Spanish.
    Are you attending the W.O. Summit in Chiang Mai on August.My email address is elisadiaz1@gmail.com

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