60 faithful children’s leaders at a training session in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

Sowing seeds of life


As we sat praying with the Generation Ministries Vietnam Team at the beginning of the year, L* wept before the Lord, asking Him to make a way for her to reach unreached children in Vietnam – especially amongst the persecuted minority peoples.

LAST SUMMER she headed into the hills with loads of teaching materials to train up children’s leaders among the Hmong of Central Highlands. This was a new direction for her and also a new one for the fledgling Hmong churches, as they have virtually no kids ministry. The journey was physically taxing as she traversed rivers and mountain paths on her motorbike. She finally arrived safely only to hear bad news from the elders that because the rains had started, they did not expect many people to turn up. Tilling the fields was now an urgent priority for these rural people and the mountain paths would soon be impassable due to mud slides and small streams becoming raging torrents.

That evening, L* knelt before the Lord, her heart full of faith, asking Him to hold off the rains for the next week so that people would be able to attend her classes. But in the early hours of the next morning, Lang woke to the sound of heavy rain falling on the tin roof and her heart sank as she thought of all it had cost her to prepare and get this far.

She entered the church where she would be teaching with a heaviness of spirit. To her absolute surprise, she found 60 faithful adults already there praying and worshipping. They had walked to the village in the predawn darkness. They had prioritised learning how to sow the seeds of life above that of sowing the seeds of their daily food.

The week of teaching went well as they learnt how to use the ‘Grow up with Jesus’ material we continue to publish. She was delighted to identify two people as ‘Timothy’s’ who want to take what they have learnt and duplicate it amongst the Hmong people. She was also able to give them the necessary materials to pursue their ministry. L* came home praising God and the dedication of the rural Hmong to the cause of Christ

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