From sorrow to radiance

PUSPA’S FAMILY arranged for her to be married immediately after college. In line with her culture, she was expected to conceive soon; however, after three years of marriage, she still had not conceived. To many, it appeared Pusa was barren, a very serious let down.

After crying out for answers, Puspa met Rani, a follower of Jesus. Rani introduced Puspa to Jesus and she gave her heart to Him. However her husband Raju was too preoccupied with work and not interested. A few months later, Puspa tried again to speak with Raju about Jesus. Seeing his wife’s desperation he agreed to listen and after hearing all she had to say about Jesus, he found no objection to following Him!

After Raju’s decision to follow Jesus, Pusa and Raju prayed for a child. Four years after marriage, Puspa is now pregnant. She is radiant with joy and filled with great expectations as she awaits her first child. What a great God we follow!

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