Something for Poi to smile about

WHEN POI CAME TO BAAN FAA MAI, she didn’t know Jesus, but now she does and is in her final high school year. When she was twelve years old, she started to get warts on her legs, feet, and fingers, which spread and embarrassed her greatly. Earlier this year, one of the older students prayed for healing and felt they would soon disappear. He encouraged Poi to pray nightly before going to bed. She prayed for a month but after no change, she felt discouraged. She still prayed occasionally, but thought that her feet would stay the way they were and that she would just have to accept it. A short time later, she noticed a small improvement and asked Sandy to pray that they would all disappear. A month later (after we had returned from NZ) Poi rushed up to Sandy. All of the warts were completely gone! She was so thankful to God and her faith has increased after seeing His power in her life.

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