Solar-Powered MegaVoice

In 2000 the Makua people were one of Africa’s largest least-reached groups, a people deeply bound by animism. As we went to live among the Makua in Northern Mozambique, we quickly discovered God’s Word would become the means through which he would reveal himself to the Makua.

We began to see many Makua come to know Christ, and churches planted in rural villages, but immediately the greatest need was to have God’s Word in Makua – their heart language. These new believers longed to know the God of the Bible – a God who is more powerful than the spirit world they feared! Like new-born babies they had a hunger for spiritual milk and we were desperate for Scripture in Makua! However, simply buying Bibles was not an option. We had twenty new churches with just a handful of men who could read – and not one literate woman!   

Through partnerships with many churches in New Zealand, we were able to produce solar-powered MegaVoice players, so the Makua could listen to God’s Word in their own language.

We began to see significant transformation as people heard the Scriptures in Makua. Many testified they had never dreamt that it would ever be possible for them to study the Word of God, and they were now experiencing God’s power, as they discovered the life God’s truth brings.

In a culture where women carry immense shame and feelings of inferiority, God’s Word was setting Makua women free from their captivity. As they began to meet in small groups under cashew trees, these women confessed that until hearing God’s Word, they didn’t even think God would hear the prayers of a woman. Many neighbours would attend and ask to borrow the MegaVoice players to listen to God’s Word, resulting in many lives being transformed!

Today a Makua team leads Maziotela Ministries’ monthly Leadership Training school, and new churches continue to be planted in Northern Mozambique. Many village women still gather to meet in small groups under trees, as the power of the Word of God continues to transform lives.

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