Siam-Care Needs Help!

For more than 20 years, Siam-Care has helped Thai families affected by HIV-AIDS. They have provided educational opportunities for children, financial support for families, and medical services.
We’ve been here for three years now and have slowly changed the foundation’s vision to focus more on sharing the gospel, and we are already seeing the fruits! When we got here, only 40 per cent of our staff were believers. Now that number is 100 per cent!
One of the things we work hard at is keeping families together. Most of the children in Thai orphanages are not even orphans. They are only there because their parents can’t afford to care for them.
We also make home visits to families in need. Unfortunately, the car Siam-Care uses for home visits is broken. Without a car, Siam-Care cannot visit these families and reach out to them in Jesus’ name. You can help! We have already raised much of the funds needed to replace the car. We only need a bit more! If you can help, please contact Jan-Peter Kelder (jan-peter.kelder@siamcare.org).

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