Generation Ministries equips believers to reach and disciple children in NE India, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. Hannah (left), a Vietnamese dentist, is confident that her new training will transform her ministry. Rose (right), a former Vietnamese Buddhist nun, reaches out to children who are not allowed to attend church.

Shining a light in dark places

IN 2012 OUR Generation Ministry teams were busy strengthening churches to multiply their effectiveness in establishing the kingdom of light among children and youth. Peter van der Westhuyzen, Generation Ministries.

BANGLADESH: 98% Muslim, 0.3% Christian, 65 million youth.

  • 57 outreach camps (9625 kids).
  • 490 kids’ workers trained.
  • Children’s ministry curriculum published (450 users).
  • National children’s workers conference (440 leaders).
  • Mailbox correspondence program (4300 kids).

VIETNAM: Communist nation, 2% Protestant, 35 million youth, persecution frequent.

  • 30 outreaches to kids.
  • 510 kids’ workers trained.
  • Children’s ministry curriculum published (700 users).

MYANMAR/BURMA: Buddhist stronghold, 3% Christian,
20 million youth, military dictatorship.

  • New girls hostel.
  • 12 outreaches to kids.
  • 110 children’s workers trained.

CAMBODIA: Buddhist nation recovering from genocide,
1% Christian, 5.5 million youth.

  • 140 teachers trained by our partners “Children’s Commission”.
  • Children’s ministry curriculum published (500 users).

INDIA: Hindu nation, 500+ million youth.

  • 220 kids’ workers trained.
  • Curriculum and many new lessons written for holiday programmes.
  • Lending library of resources for children’s ministry established.

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