Shaking Doors Open

In early August 2018, the Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by two major earthquakes in two weeks, leaving 76,000 buildings destroyed, 400,000 people rendered homeless, and countless traumatised, distressed, and broken. Sounds like a job for Jesus!

World Outreach International had a team on Lombok when the earthquakes struck. As Field Leader, I’m very proud of the team, who are working covertly among a least-reached people group, the Sasak, who have been resistant to the Gospel.

By the grace of God, the whole team and their properties escaped unscathed. This meant they could launch into immediate action to help the victims of the earthquakes.

The team has taken a relational approach in all they have done. Realising that the needs were huge, and the team few in number, they began by visiting their friends and contacts. Ears were also open for the next level of need – friends of friends. Their goals were to provide comfort, supplies, shelter, and spiritual support in all its forms. Within a short period of time, the team was all over the island.

Supplies have been sent across the island to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians. At the time of writing, the team has distributed several tonnes of rice, 300 tarpaulins, all kinds of food, hundreds of sleeping mats, and toiletries. In several places, houses are being built, and building supplies, wheelbarrows, and tools have been provided.

In all this, great love has been shown. The Good News is being shared. We have prayed with some, shared food with the needy, and made the widow’s heart sing. The team has taken a long-term view. The earthquake has opened doors and forged friendships across the island. The kindness shown will keep doors open for years to come. We have earned credibility. Many of the conversations simply began with, “We heard you had no food, so we have come.”

On behalf of the Lombok team and the thousands who have received help from them, thank you! Thanks for your prayers, emails of support, and the finances that have been used well to open hearts and doors. 

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