Daughters of Bulgaria

Set free

“I want to leave and I want to leave now!” exclaimed Lena as she rushed into the café one afternoon.

Lena is just one of three precious women God has connected us with. We have seen God orchestrate their release from sexual slavery. We prayed for Lena at the airport on her way to a ‘safe house.’ Tears filled her eyes as she rededicated her life to God and thanked Him for setting her free.

Zoe had been tricked into a Hamburg brothel and disappeared only to be found by another Christian outreach ministry working on the streets of Brussels. We networked to help Zoe begin a new life under the care of a ministry in Antwerp.

Then there is Venke, who like Lena and Zoe, has been totally set free. I met Venke on my first trip to Bulgaria, nearly 2 years ago. She had just escaped from her pimp and made a decision to follow Jesus. Venke testifies that God has truly transformed her life. We give the Lord praise and thanks for what He has done in these three precious daughters of Bulgaria.

(Names have been changed for protection.)

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