Set Free from the Past – Introducing Dow – Part 1

Dow’s mother tried to abort her three times. At seven years old, Dow heard about God and prayer, so she laid hands on her very sick mother, and prayed for her. Two days later Mum was fine. However, as a young teenager, Dow was disobedient and uninterested in studying. She smoked, had dodgy friends, lacked self control and was angry or aggressive at times. Dow struggled with rejection and felt unloved by her mother.

When she was fourteen, Dow went to a youth camp run by a visiting NZ team, and during prayer about having faith in God, she felt great peace. She got baptised and felt released from past hurts. Her anger decreased; she stopped smoking and began to obey.

Dow also changed her attitude towards study and set a goal to go to Bible College. She finally forgave her mother’s past actions. Now that she knew God’s great love and acceptance, her life had much value. Matthew 6:33 had become a reality.
Note: Dow is Baan Faa Mai’s new female assistant, a blessing and answer to many prayers. Thanks for praying.

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