learning to pray

Sending God’s Word where there is no church

THE GOOD NEWS TEAM has a wonderful opportunity through our correspondence lessons to teach Thai children about Jesus. It’s the only way most can know Jesus.
Petchaparat, age 11: I used to think God wasn’t real, until I started your lessons. Now I know he’s real because he answers my prayers.

Sarla, age 12: My father was put in jail. Police said we must pay 4 million Baht but we are poor. We were all crying. Then I remembered Jesus and I asked him to do a miracle. Soon my father was released and we didn’t have to pay anything. We were all amazed.

Prongtip, age 15: I feel loved when I get your lessons and excited when I got your birthday gift. It was my first ever birthday present!
Beyachad, age 13: I’m Buddhist so can Jesus still love me? I do want to learn about him.

Please pray for God to make his truth real in the heart of each Thai child doing our lessons.

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