Seeking his presence above all else

AROUND THE globe all World Outreach International personnel set aside at least one day in both January and July to fast and pray. Many sign up for more than one day. The purpose is to seek the face of God together, in particular to make sure that we who make up the organisation are mindful of our need of Him in all we do.

In the past as well as in recent times, the Presence of God has fallen in a region where WOI personnel are serving, resulting in literally hundreds of people calling out in repentance to the Lord and surrendering their lives to Him. Why such manifestations happen in one place and not another, I don’t know but it sure is great when it happens. I also know that we cannot twist God’s arm to cause such outpourings to happen. History tells us that there are some common keys in order to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully, i.e. prayer and fasting. Fasting humbles us before the King. Prayer moves the hand that moves the world!

Lately I have been reading, meditating and talking a lot about the Presence of God. One passage of Scripture that has stayed with me for some time was Jacob’s encounter with the Lord in Genesis 28:16–17, where he says, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” Up until that point Jacob knew about God (in his head) but had never encountered Him (in his heart) before. In the WOI prayer and fasting last July, I suggested we take time in our busyness to behold the Lord – and His majesty. In doing so we are humbled as we gaze upon the awesome possibilities flowing from God’s manifest presence and power.

His offers in Scripture still stand: those who seek will find; those who hunger will be filled; those who wait will soar; those who watch will see; those who tune in will hear; those who dream will break into a new realm.

God’s presence and power abides within us; therefore wherever we go, we carry His presence, we reflect His glory and for sure there will be intense angelic activity about – whether we see angels or not. As we press into Him, we will hear His voice; our lives will positively impact all who come into contact with us and we will be fruitful beyond measure. We will enjoy open heavens, we will be naturally supernatural, our prayers will rend the heavens and change our world and we will be a blessing in our respective communities and to all nations, all people groups.

It is my prayer that we in WOI will always have such a hunger and passion to know and experience the Lord like this. What about you?

Don’t settle for the level of God’s power and presence you have at present but press into Him and seek for a fresh revelation of who He is and who you are in Him. Then let our prayers and actions reflect this revelation.

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