Seeing from God’s perspective

ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE lessons in life is to see the world through a different perspective, especially if that perspective is much broader than your own, and ideally comes from the One that created you in the first place.

Last year, many teams from around the world were sent cross-culturally for the purpose of communicating the Gospel to people groups other than their own. Others learned about God’s purpose and passion for the Church and the world.

Both these experiences had a conjoint impact on those involved. Twenty-one young adults participated in a recent Kairos course over five days in the Cameron Highlands in northern Malaysia. A new believer, Julia, told us that Kairos was, “The first time I… really immerses[d] myself in Bible study and [began] to understand the true meaning of God’s mission…that’s really awesome and brought me to a new step of my Christian life… It makes me want to learn more and more.”

Penny from India joined our team to Myanmar. She testified, “I discovered this compelling, genuine love for the people of that nation… the Kairos course challenged and changed my whole perspective of the ministry that I have been doing for years. It was very exciting to see this trip as a tiny but extremely significant bit of our contribution to the Master’s Plan.”

While Brandon was simply “challenged to pray,” he was also inspired to put research into the idea of an iPhone prayer application mobilising people to pray for real-time needs of the unreached in the world. Most came away from the course or outreaches with fresh God-inspired ideas and desires to impact the lost with the Gospel.

With this broadened perspective, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the needs and get busy trying to be Jesus to the world. Luanna, however, wisely identified that, “There’s really a need to hook up with many Christians to make the Great Commission work.” To add to that Pearlene, who recently returned from an outreach in Thailand, mentioned, “Whenever I shift my focus back to God, my anxiety is replaced with patience to wait on God and peace, knowing that God is in control. The more I learn about how to rely on God for daily strength, the easier it is to find joy in the little things that I do, and not sweat over little details and my insecurities.”

At least one thing remains for sure as Angie summarised after her time in Thailand: “It is so exciting to be working with God and be a part of all that He is doing.”

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