Secret Baptism

A few months ago Jiten became a new follower of Jesus Christ and had to be secretly baptised!

Salvation came to his home indirectly when one of our house church leaders witnessed to and led a vegetable seller to the Lord. This new believer led another vegetable seller to Christ, who in turn led Sunibala (Jiten’s wife) to accept the Lord.
The remarkable change in Sunibala’s life and her strong faith in Jesus caused Jiten to also believe on the Lord. Jiten’s father is opposed to any in his family becoming Christian, and on one occasion was so angry that he threw oil on the four walls of their home and set it on fire.

By God’s grace everyone escaped unhurt. Please pray God’s protection over Jiten and his family, and also ask the Lord to reveal Himself to Jiten’s father and save him also!

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