A church meeting in rural India

A search for peace

NIRMAL LEFT HIS RICE FARMING village to make a name for himself in the state capital, but after many failed attempts he found himself with nothing. While in this state of desperation he met Dan, who shared with him the Good News of Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and hope. Nirmal thought, if he could be happy and peaceful like Dan, who had nothing, what did he have to lose by following Jesus? Forced to move back to his village, he prayed one night, ‘Jesus if you are true, I want to follow you. Help me to learn about you.’ He woke up the next morning with an urge to find a Bible, but most people in his village had never even heard of Jesus. Eventually Nirmal was able to find a Bible, and began to spend his days working as a construction labourer and reading the Bible late into the night. Nirmal then met Probin, an evangelist from his own area, who helped disciple him. Since then Nirmal has been making many followers of Jesus, planting churches, and seeing many miracles of healing and deliverance.

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