Saved to Serve Her People Group

B was born into an impoverished family in Vietnam. Her parents could not afford to send her to school, and she began working on the farm when she was young.
In 2003 she met Jesus. The Lord delivered her from sin and called her to serve in children’s ministry, but B did not know how to read or write. She cried out to God, and He provided her a way to learn.
Still, without a curriculum, it was difficult to disciple children. Then in 2007 the Lord blessed her with the “Grow Up with Jesus” curriculum. Now she works with a full set of visual aids and 420 lessons!
She regularly gathers the children in her surrounding villages. Last year, B held outreaches for 1,100 children, and more than three hundred came to Christ. She also trained sixty-two people from different villages to use the new children’s curriculum.

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