Revisiting Seeds Planted Long Ago

I have recently returned from a three-week ministry trip to Thailand where Rowena and I served for over thirty years in church planting and leadership training before returning to the United Kingdom.

I visited the north-east where I was warmly welcomed back. In the first meeting, one young man who was on drugs gave his life to Christ. More than twenty people who were prayed for testified that God had healed them, and the pain had completely gone.

Following a leadership training session, I visited two areas where a new church had recently been started and heard remarkable stories of church growth through the witness of new believers.

In the north, I preached at an Akha tribal church. Finally, at a church in Bangkok a man approached me and thanked me for discipling him thirty years ago and told me of how he had grown in Christ since that time. I give Jesus the praise and glory.

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