Reinvention and Renewal

Welcome to this special edition of Nations, which will feature some new and exciting changes, and highlight our five key focuses.  

Some years ago, Fiona and I decided to renovate our bathrooms. The shower, toilets, tiles, and baths were all nearly thirty years old and in need of updating. After a few months’ work and a lot of disruption, we had modern and stylish bathrooms. All the new features did the same job as the old ones, but it looked so much better and served us more effectively. It also added significant value to our home, which will help us in the years ahead.  

Similarly, every organisation, ministry, or church needs to go through times of reinvention and renewal to stay in touch with the emerging generation and prepare for the future. It doesn’t change so much what they do, but it changes how they engage with the broader culture and community.

That is exactly what World Outreach (WO) has done. For the past few years, the International Leadership Team has spent considerable time mapping out WO’s direction from 2020 to 2025. To do so, we’ve been working on some things that need updating (just like our bathroom). Our mission and focus on the unreached will remain exactly the same, but a few important things will change, such as our website, a new logo, a revised mission statement, and more. As you read the pages of this special edition, we’ll take you through each one. 

We’ll also showcase the five focuses of WO: Raising Leaders, Evangelism and Church Planting, All Nations Mobilisation, Children’s Ministry, and Humanitarian Aid. In addition, we’ll articulate who does what and underline how you can be involved.

We’re so excited about where we’re heading as a mission. We can’t wait to share it with you. 

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