Into regions beyond: Seeing people movements among least reached people groups

LIKE MOST OF his countrymen, Shamesh was born into a Hindu family and raised in a culture steeped in idol worship and animism. When Shamesh’s daughter fell ill and doctors, medicines and offerings to the gods couldn’t heal her, he and his wife became desperate.

They heard of a man in a neighbouring village who prayed for the sick. This man was a World Outreach International-trained evangelist and church planter. Their daughter was prayed for in the name of Jesus and immediately her fever broke. Within an hour she was completely well. Shamesh and his family became followers of Jesus.

They boldly shared their testimony with others and prayed for any sick in the name of Jesus. Healings happened and within a few months, hundreds got to hear of Jesus for the first time. This is a typical example of a people movement that WOI-trained evangelists and church planters are seeing happen on the India subcontinent, in Indochina and around SE Asia.

In NE India, more than 80,000 new believers have been baptised in the last six years. Workers believe there have been many more that have not been recorded.
In Thailand, one team has seen more than 12,000 Thais baptised in three years, including 18 Buddhist monks and have records of countless healings and miracles.
In Cambodia, a people movement began last year and grew from one village house church to churches in 15 other villages within 30 kilometres.

The majority of WOI-trained evangelists and church planters set goals of establishing 8–10 new house churches each year. Quite a challenge when you consider the opposition they can encounter! These dedicated Gospel carriers are willing to pay the price and make daily sacrifices to share the Gospel. Church planting teams are just bursting with vision and passion for Jesus, to make him known to those still locked up in spiritual prisons.

This year WOI wants to reach, train and equip hundreds more like Shamesh. Your partnership in our “Into Regions Beyond” ministry is vital and greatly appreciated so that other people movements for the Lord can happen among other LRP communities. It’s an investment for eternity.

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