Teaching Thai children about Jesus in None Feak village.

Is it really possible to go to heaven?

IN THAILAND there are still more than 5,000 villages without even one church – or one Christian. So None Feak village was very blessed when two believers from Chiang Rai moved there last year. My friend Mrs Lim couldn’t believe that not one of her None Feak village neighbours had ever heard the name of Jesus! What a big open door she had. So she invited me to visit her and run an English camp in the local school. The headmaster was very keen to have us and he gave us permission to tell the children the whole Gospel story. Over those three days, 114 children heard about Jesus and we visited their families in the evening. One little girl was very interested – she asked me “Is it really possible to go to Heaven?” She was overjoyed to hear that Jesus is the way!

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